What’s the Best Way to Store Surfboards?

Struggling to Find Space to Store your Surf Boards?

Are you a California native? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve been on a surfboard at least once or twice. Maybe you’re the type of person who can’t wait to get into the water after a busy day at work or taking care of kids. Whether you’re an occasional surfer or an avid one, you’ve probably wondered how to store surfboards besides just propping them up on the side of your house or apartment. You might also be the type that just slings your wetsuit over whatever fence or wall is closest to your car when you get home from a day out in the water. We’re here to tell you that there is a better way to store your surfboards, boogie boards, skim boards and wetsuits!

Overheard Racks are the Best Way to Maximize Storage Space in Your Garage

Ceiling-mounted garage storage racks are the best way to store your surfboards overhead so that you can keep your boards secure and indoors but still have room for cars and other items you’re storing in your garage. We use HALO racks, which we guarantee are the best in the garage storage industry. HALO racks are known for their stability, durability and safety.

Rather than letting your surf boards and wetsuits crowd your garage floor, get them up on the ceiling where they’ll be out of your way when you don’t need them, but dry and ready whenever you do. Storing your boards indoors, but out of the way in a garage storage rack, also means that you’re protecting your prized possessions from getting stolen. Whether your surfboards have sentimental or monetary value, storing them in a safe and secure place is the way to go.

The beauty of Southern California is you have so many great surf spots to choose from! Even if you can’t convince your whole family to surf, your kids might want to try out boogie boarding or skim boarding. Or your family might prefer just to hang out at the beach and build sand castles while you surf. Perhaps you love to travel and find the best locations globally to surf. You might travel with one of your boards, but need to store another one at home. Alternatively, you might find it much easier to rent a board at your surf destination.

The Advantages of Ceiling-Mounted Garage Storage Racks

However far or close your beach of choice is, you need to know the best way to store surfboards and your gear between your times out in the water. What are the important factors to consider when storing your surfboards or other surfing gear? You want to store your boards and wetsuits in a spot where they can dry well. A great advantage to installing our ceiling-mounted garage storage racks in your garage is that your surf boards and wetsuits can be up and out of your way, but you’ll also be providing them with proper ventilation. Another great advantage to using our HALO garage storage racks in your garage is simply the satisfaction of a clean, orderly space. .Don’t lose the Zen you gained in the water by driving into a messy and chaotic garage overflowing with clutter.

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