Top 3 Garage Utility Sinks🏅

Boost Your Garage’s Functionality with a Utility Sink

There are many fantastic and practical reasons to add a utility sink to your garage. Whether your goal is to add some functionality to a makeshift laundry room, wash your hands after gardening outside, or clean paint brushes, a utility sink can prove to be extremely useful. 

Last month we looked at the basic first steps you’d need to take when preparing to install a utility sink in your garage. These initial steps include assessing your existing plumbing, measuring and evaluating your available space, and learning what to consider when transforming your garage into a multipurpose space. To complete our two part series on adding a utility sink to your garage, this month, we’ll explore the top rated utility sinks.

Top Three Utility Sinks for Garages

#1 Trinity THA-0307: With a large sink bowl and chrome-plated faucet, the The Trinity THA-0307 Basics Stainless Steel Utility Sink is the perfect choice for an all-around utility sink for the garage. This sink is ideal if you have a smaller garage, but still want abundant capacity in your utility sink. It has all the depth you need at a narrower width. When it comes to installation, skip this DIY. This should be a quick and affordable job for a professional plumber. 

#2 Glacier Bay QL037: At a 12-gallon capacity, this Glacier Bay stainless steel sink has a functional and attractive cabinet beneath it. This sink comes with all hardware included and one of its best features is the high-arc faucet. With soft close doors and an extra deep size, this sink is a bestseller. 

#3 BEST VALUE – JS Jackson JS6503BLKSS: This JS Jackson sink is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable utility sink at an affordable price. Adjustable foot levelers bring the sink to whatever height is needed, ensuring stability and convenience. All the necessary hardware items to install this garage utility sink are included with the packaging. To prevent leaks in the connection, the installation kit comes with drainage equipment, supply lines, and thread tape. Even though this pick doesn’t have a stainless steel basin, the strong, anti-warp plastic basin is the next best thing.

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