The Best Budget Garage Organization Ideas

Three Fantastic Garage Organization Ideas

Why Suspended Shelves are #1!

Are you looking for the best garage storage organization ideas on a budget? We’re taking a look at slat walls, cabinets and shelves, and, our favorite, suspended garage storage shelves. While all of these have their places (and can even be utilized simultaneously), suspended shelves are the safest, most reliable, and longest lasting garage organization idea on the market. Read more below!

Slat Walls for Floor Space Efficiency

One popular choice for garage organization is slat walls. Slat walls are affixed to your garage walls and have spaces for pegs, hooks or baskets to be attached to them. Then tools, ladders, or other relatively lightweight items can be hung on these hooks and pegs. 

One advantage to slat walls is that they don’t take up much floor space. One disadvantage is that their use is quite limited. They are only able to handle lightweight items. In comparison, our 4×8 hanging garage storage rack can easily handle 1,000 pounds of weight! Slat walls can be used in conjunction with other storage strategies to maximize the space in your garage.

Cabinets & Shelves

Does your garage double as a workshop? In that case, you might be looking for some workshop organization tips. While cabinets and shelves do take up valuable floor space, they can be helpful for organizing items in a garage. Cabinets give easy access and might be especially useful for items that are frequently needed. Make sure that any tall cabinets and shelves are affixed to the wall, however, as falling furniture can pose a danger to kids and pets.

Suspended Storage Shelves: The BEST Garage Storage Organization Idea

What are some options for your garage ceiling? Admittedly, we might be biased in favor of suspended storage shelves. In our years of transforming our clients’ garages, however, we’ve discovered a secret. There is no better garage organization idea than ceiling mounted hanging racks! They are the ultimate efficiency upgrade for large and small garages alike.

The safety and durability of our suspended shelves and professional installation services are unparalleled. With overhead racks, you free up all your floor space and you never have to worry about the danger of falling furniture. Once installed, our racks last a lifetime. Our hanging garage shelves are custom crafted and installed, leading to endless storage possibilities at your fingertips.

We Expand Options for Your Garage Ceiling

Good Garage is an industry leading, family owned and operated suspended garage shelving installation company. We’ve installed over 30,000 exceptional garage storage systems in California, Nevada, and Washington. 

Installing garage ceiling shelving opens up a whole new world of storage possibilities. You can turn the wasted square footage of your garage ceiling into a spacious storage area. We use our exclusive, premier line of 13-gauge, powder coated, solid steel HALO racks, which we guarantee are the best in the garage storage industry.

Good Garage: Where Exceptional Meets Affordable

Are you organizing your garage on a budget? You’ve come to the right place! Good Garage is where exceptional meets affordable. We provide you with the best garage ceiling shelving on the market, precise and time-honored installation techniques, and a customer service team that goes above and beyond. 

With a flat fee structure and competitive pricing, you’ll get a better value for your dollar than you’d find with any other garage storage installation company out there. Our high-quality, resilient racks are durable, hardwearing, and unparalleled in their safety standards. 

Be sure to reach out to us for a free quote and allow us to help you save space and money with customizable overhead garage storage in your home!