How to Spruce Up Your Garage Exterior for Fall 🍂

Decorating Your Garage Exterior for Fall

With the weather getting cooler, kids back in school, and the holidays just around the corner, most of us are ready to get cozy and start creating a fall atmosphere with our decor.

Decorating Your Garage Exterior with a Homemade Wreath

A favorite decor trend of 2023 is homemade wreaths. Creating a beautiful homemade wreath to decorate your garage door is a money saver, better for the environment, and allows you to engage in a creative activity on your own or with your little ones. 

First step, take your kids and pets on a little stroll around your neighborhood or a local park. Gather any greenery, berries, or branches that look like they will dry well. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we look at the types of greenery and natural elements that decor and crafting experts recommend for homemade wreaths! Just to touch on that briefly, experts recommend evergreen branches (pine, spruce, cedar, juniper, holly, ivy, berries (rose hips, viburnum, hawthorn, winterberry), pinecones, catkins, and mistletoe. 

Put your gathered items in a cool dry spot to let them cure and release moisture. You can buy a simple circular frame from any craft store along with some floral wire. Now you are ready to design your fall wreath! Enlist the help of your little ones. Chances are they will be thrilled by the idea of working on a craft project together that will be displayed so prominently. Take a look at this crafter’s step by step guide to making a beautiful wreath at home. 

Since most garage doors are large and wide, don’t worry about getting a little wild with the size of your wreath!

Using Pumpkins to Decorate Your Garage Exterior for Fall

Pumpkins are, of course, a fool proof fall decor item. They can be attractively arranged next to a garage door or cascading down porch steps adjacent to the garage. Ring planters or trees with pumpkins or place a stack of pumpkins next to outdoor furniture. 

Take a look at this lovely pressed flower craft that can enhance the look of any pumpkin. Pressed flower pumpkins are aesthetically pleasing and making them could be another wonderful and cozy fall activity to do with your kids on a chilly afternoon. Have your kids pick out their favorite white pumpkins the next time you’re at the grocery store. Don’t forget to pick up some Mod Podge glue while you’re at it! Then, take a neighborhood walk and pick your favorite flowers to press. Allow flowers to dry at least 2-3 weeks, then use Mod Podge to affix them to your pumpkins. 

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