5 Small Businesses To Start Out of Your Garage!

Which One Fits Your Skill Set?

Running a Small Business Out of Your Garage

Small business trends indicate that more and more people are starting home businesses. With the rise of work from home culture also comes the rise of aspiring entrepreneurs converting their garages into home business headquarters. 

Many of us dream of starting small businesses but few are ready to tackle all the challenges that may arise.The lean start-up model is a tried and true approach heralded by many entrepreneurs. The goal of this model is to spend the least amount of money as possible when launching a business. 

One of the ways to cut significant overhead costs is by starting your business out of your own home or garage instead of paying rent and utilities somewhere else.This is a practical way to prevent you from eating quickly into your capital right off the bat. 

One issue many home and small garage business owners quickly run into, though, is having enough operational space. Here’s where we come in!

What is Good Garage?

Good Garage is the nation’s leading provider and installer of hanging, overhead garage shelving. We provide you with the best garage ceiling shelving on the market, precise and time-honored installation techniques, and a customer service team that goes above and beyond. Our high-quality, top notch racks are durable, hardwearing, and unparalleled in their safety standards. You can free up a ton of storage space in your garage simply by getting your stored items up and off the ground.

Home Garage Business Ideas

Now that you have your storage space figured out, take a look at these small garage business ideas!

Yoga Instructor: See our blog post from last year where we cover how to convert your garage into a cozy, at-home yoga haven

Pet Groomer: For those of you inclined to spend time with furry friends, a grooming station could easily be set up in your garage.

Car Detailing: Whether or not you’re a trained mechanic, you can start a business where you clean and detail cars. Your garage lends itself perfectly to working on cars! 

Jewelry Designer: Anyone working in a creative field knows that it can take a lot to make ends meet. Hop over to our recent blog post where we cover the most important things to consider when turning your garage into an art studio

Clothing Alterations: All you need to start are some basic supplies, sewing skills, and a sewing machine.

Why do Businesses Choose Good Garage?

Good Garage: Where Exceptional Meets Affordable

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PREMIUM INSTALLATION SERVICES: We’re the top provider and installer of hanging garage storage racks in Nevada, California, and Washington. Our experts have installed over 30,000 racks since 2014. We have a tried and true track record of precision, safety, and expert services. 

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Good Garage is where exceptional meets affordable. With a flat fee structure and competitive pricing, you’ll get a better value for your dollar than you’d find with any other garage storage installation company out there. 

Be sure to reach out to us for a free quote and allow us to help you save space and money with customizable overhead garage storage in your home!