Garage Safety Part IV - Securely Storing Heirloom Possessions

How to Safely & Securely Store Your Most Prized Possessions

In our last installment of this blog series on garage safety, we talked about how to properly dispose of potentially harmful products once you’ve used them up. This month we’ll talk about how to safely and securely store cherished items in your garage for decades. Unfortunately, cherished items can easily get ruined when stored in garages. Most garages are not weather proofed which leaves stored items susceptible to mildew and heat damage. 

We’re here to tell you that we’ve discovered the best kept secret in the garage storage industry. Think it’s not possible to safely and securely store your prized possessions in your garage long-term? Think again! 

Scroll down to learn more about our top-notch garage storage systems that meet and exceed all industry safety standards!

Good Garage - Top Installer of Hanging Garage Shelving on the West Coast

Most of us can’t wait to get out of our garages once we’ve parked our cars. Garages are often cold, dark, cluttered spaces. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Turn to Good Garage to help you envision something totally different for your garage.

There’s a reason we’re the top installer of garage storage racks in California, Washington, and Nevada. Take a look at our Yelp page to read reviews from tons of happy customers. We’d love to hear more about your garage storage needs and come up with a solution customized to fit your garage as well as your budget.

Weather-Proof Garage Storage Systems

Securely anchored with the highest quality techniques and equipment in the industry, our premier line of hanging garage storage racks are installed for the long-haul. There is no better way to maximize all potential storage space in your garage than by utilizing the ceiling. What this wasted ceiling space provides is a treasure trove of garage storage capabilities. 

Designed to be loaded up with sturdy, durable, and water-resistant totes, our racks provide the perfect solution for long-term storage. The ceiling-mounted racks themselves are made of powder-coated industrial grade steel, also designed and manufactured to withstand the elements. Get rid of the moldy cardboard boxes and dusty shelves filled with clutter. Give your prized possessions the care and attention they deserve by upgrading your garage storage. With Good Garage, you’ll have access to the most renowned experts in the garage storage industry, premium products, and the best installation engineers in the business.

Tips for Storing Your Prized Possessions

Heirloom Clothing Storage: Consider storing prized clothing that you don’t wear often in airtight bags. Keeping a sachet of lavender with the stored clothing can help protect clothing from moths and silverfish. Check for signs of rodents or other pests before you bring storage into your garage! 

What to store in a garage: You never want to store food in a garage as it can attract pests and rodents. If you’re storing clothing, photos, important documents, or other paper products in the garage, make sure they are up and off the ground in airtight containers or bins. Things like clean kitchen items, seasonal decorations, and suitcases are the perfect things to store in a garage space. 

Safe and Secure Ceiling Mounted Garage Storage

Since our premier line of garage storage products can hold hundreds of pounds of weight, secure attachment is obviously a very important factor. Our hanging garage storage racks are mounted to the ceiling joists and to the walls for maximum security and stability. Good Garage’s expert and professional team rise to meet and tackle every installation challenge that comes their way.