Maximize Art Supply Storage in your Garage

Are you struggling to find space to store your art supplies?

Are you a professional or amateur artist? Space is a challenge makers and artists often run into. You might also struggle to imagine a nook where you’d be able to simply relax and create. Especially if you have a busy household with kids or pets, finding a quiet corner to seek inspiration can be tricky. You could always find a spot to paint out in nature, but what if you could carve out a space in your own home?

Whether you’re a fledgling artist or a maker with a well-developed portfolio, you might find yourself wishing you had a dedicated space in your home for your craft. You might not have considered this, but your garage might be the perfect space to convert into your very own, customizable art studio. Check out how to turn your garage into an art studio here!

Your garage might be the perfect place to store art supplies

What do you need to change in your garage to make it the perfect place to store your art supplies?

  1. Lighting: Whether lighting comes from windows in your garage doors or perfectly placed recessed lighting in the ceiling, illuminating your art is incredibly important. Colors can look like different shades all together depending on the lighting and for any detailed work, being able to see well is imperative.
  2. Art Supply Storage Organizer: If you’re creating space in your garage to store art supplies, you’ll need to find a place to put everything else that’s been taking up that valuable square footage. Here’s where we come in. There is no better option than ceiling mounted storage racks for all of your garage storage needs! Creating high-quality overhead storage garage organizers clears up the space for you to design the art studio of your dreams! Plus, we guarantee a single day installation which puts you towards your goals even quicker.
  3. Supplies: In addition to creating the space in your garage for your art studio, you’ll need to consider what supplies would help outfit that space. Depending on your medium of art, you’ll need a different set of supplies. For example, if you’re an amateur artist who wants to branch out into oil painting, you’ll need an oil paint set in a versatile color palette, paint solvent, linseed oil, paint brushes, oil paint cleaner, and oil painting accessories. You’ll need a comfortable and easily accessible set-up to store and clean your supplies. A utility sink in your garage would be ideal if you’re considering converting your garage into an art studio.
  4. Temperature and Humidity: It’s important to consider cooling, heating and humidity issues when thinking about art supply storage organizers, as most garages are not temperature controlled or weather proofed. It would be devastating to have supplies or art pieces ruined by heat or excess moisture in the air. You might need to explore cooling or heating units, dehumidifiers, or find a way to insulate your garage. If you’re located in a place with a relatively moderate climate, regulating the temperature in your garage will be less of a challenge than it might be in a city with four seasons.

Maximize storage space in your newport beach garage with overhead racks

We hope these ideas put you well on your way to maximizing storage space for art supplies in your garage. Be sure to reach out to us for a free quote and allow us to help you save space and money with customizable overhead garage storage in your home!