Most Insane Businesses People Have Run Out of Their Garages

You Won't Believe #3!

Multi-Billion Dollar Businesses Launched from Garages

We’ve all heard about the now multi-billion dollar businesses that were originally launched from humble garages. Did you know that Google, Apple, and Amazon were all initially run out of garages? These businesses obviously went on to become some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, but what about those garage businesses that had slightly less impressive trajectories?

Keep reading to see some of the craziest business ideas people actually launched out of their garages!

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Most Insane Businesses Run Out of Garages

  • Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Matthew Carpenter, an Australian entrepreneur, started an online business that would charge $9.99 to mail an envelope full of glitter to any address. He stuffed the envelopes in his garage and sent them through the postal system. It turns out a lot of people wanted to send glitter! Within a day, the website had sold more than 2,000 envelopes and had received global media coverage. Carpenter generated $20,000 in a few hours! The business was way more than he or his small garage could handle so he ended up selling to the top bidder for $85,000. Unbelievable!

  • I Want to Draw a Cat for You 

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you may remember Steve Gadlin. Cat artist extraordinaire, Gadlin wondered if he could turn his hobby into a business. He set up a website selling his cat drawings for $9.95 each. He quickly realized that yes, his hobby could definitely be a viable business. Steve made $187,000 over five years selling his drawings. That’s 18,794 cats sold! Steve also made on to Shark Tank securing a $25,000 investment from billionaire Mark Cuban. Though I Want to Draw a Cat for You is no Apple or Google, you can never know what a little grit, determination, and creativity can do for a humble garage business. 

  • Ship Snow, Yo 

And for what is perhaps the most insane business anyone has launched out of their garage, Ship Snow, Yo, will deliver a package of 6 pounds of snow to your home for $89. Jess and Kyle Waring were shoveling snow out of their driveway when a brilliant idea dawned on them. Could they sell the snow they were shoveling? They immediately got to work setting up a website and contacting their local news station for coverage. Within the first few days, they got hundreds of orders. It turns out, yes, people wanted to buy snow! Even crazier, the business is still running out of the Waring’s garage today. These innovative entrepreneurs make five figures shipping snow every winter. 

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