Most Insane Businesses People Have Run Out of Their Garages... Pt 2

Multi-Billion Dollar Businesses Launched from Garages

We’ve all heard about the now multi-billion dollar businesses that were originally launched from humble garages. Did you know that Google, Apple, and Amazon were all initially run out of garages? These businesses obviously went on to become some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, but what about those garage businesses that had slightly less impressive trajectories? 

Previously on the blog we highlighted Ship Your Enemies Glitter (an online business that would charge $9.99 to mail an envelope full of glitter to any address), Ship Snow, Yo (a husband and wife team that will deliver a package of 6 pounds of snow to your home for $89), and I Want to Draw a Cat For You (a website that sells Steve Gadlin’s mediocre cat drawings for $9.95 each). 

Scroll down to check out some more ludicrous businesses that people actually started and ran out of their garages!

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Stellar Storage Systems for Garage Businesses

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Craziest Businesses Run Out of Garages

  • Antenna Balls

Jason Wall didn’t realize he had struck gold when he popped a hole in a ping-pong ball, drew a happy face on it, and put it on top of a car antenna. Sounds simple enough? Wall made over a million dollars in his first year of selling these antenna balls! He’s continued to sell millions and, over the years, his company, AntennaBalls.Com, has merged with another antenna ball manufacturer, HappyBalls.Com. You never know where a crazy business idea and a little gumption might get you! 

  • Santa Mail

It’s no secret that kids love the Christmas season and who is more beloved than Santa Claus himself. Running on the Christmas spirit, Byron Reese decided to get a postal address in Alaska and start charging $10 for a genuine mail response from Santa. Parents could order a personalized letter and Reese could send and receive mail from the “North Pole.” Since 2001, Reese has sent over 500,000 personalized letters from Santa. As far as we know, his lucrative (and ludicrous!) business is still running.  

  • Pet Rocks 

Listening to his fellow dad friends complain about how difficult it is to care for pets, in 1975, Gary Dahl had the brilliant idea to create and market “pet rocks.” As an advertising executive, Dahl had the marketing of his product in the bag. He created a 32 page manual on how to care for his pet rocks. Though the trend only lasted a few months, it left Gary Dahl with $15 million in the bank! Family, friends, and the public have wondered if Gary might ever relaunch this wildly successful business, but he hasn’t as of now. 

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