How to Turn Your Garage into a Yoga Studio

Have you discovered the joys of yoga? Whether you turn to the mat to experience peace, clear your mind, gain strength, or develop flexibility, the world of intentional movement has a lot to offer!

Create space to exercise in your garage!

During the COVID pandemic, many of our routines have changed, including how and where we exercise. Do you miss the in-person class you usually attended? Since practicing yoga in-person isn’t an option right now, many yoga enthusiasts are continuing to cultivate their practice at home. When we talk about exercising at home, however, the challenge of where and how to do it always arises. Some homeowners or renters are lucky enough to have a yard, patio, or balcony space where they can practice yoga outdoors. If you don’t have outdoor space, you might have a large living room or bedroom. Alternatively, you might be able to clear furniture out of the way to create more room for your yoga mat. Let’s be honest, though, none of us needs another obstacle to healthy habits like exercise!

Cut the clutter in your garage

One often underutilized space in your home is your garage. When we think of garages, we usually picture dank, cold, cluttered spaces where we shove unwanted items. Most of us can’t wait to get out of our garages once we’ve parked our cars. What if you could envision something totally different for your garage? What if you could turn a corner of your garage into the at-home garage yoga studio of your dreams? What if you could organize your stuff in an attractive, easily accessible way?

Maximize garage storage space with overhead racks

Your first step in creating your garage yoga studio would be controlling the clutter. Whether you need to store sports gear, tools, or kid’s clothes and toys, we have a storage solution for you! What’s the best way to add more storage to your garage so that you have enough space to park your car and create a relaxing yoga corner? The best way to maximize garage storage space in your garage is with ceiling mounted racks!

There are so many advantages to using overhead garage storage racks to organize your garage. Our racks look great, connect to each other, and we offer a variety of configurations to fit the unique aspects of your particular garage. We have different types of super-duty as well as standard racks that can store any item you could possibly imagine. At Good Garage, we exclusively use HALO racks, which are known for 14-gauge steel construction and anti-shake decks. The decks are bolted directly to the frames for the absolute maximum durability and stability possible.

Create a yoga corner in your garage

Once you’ve got your storage figured out, the next step is to create your garage yoga studio corner. You could bring in lamps and a space heater to create a cozy environment. You might consider setting up a few potted plants and a small shelf or table to stash your mats and yoga blocks when you’re not using them. You could throw a plush rug on the floor to soften the space.

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