How to Perfectly Curate a Garage Gym!

3 Easy Steps to a Home Gym

Lifting is all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder! Study after study shows that building muscle is beneficial at almost any age. From teenagers to seniors in their 80s, more and more Americans are tapping into the benefits of strength training. 

While some people might prefer the communal environment and lively energy of a commercial gym, for others, the convenient access of a home gym makes it much more likely that they will actually achieve their exercise goals. 

We’ve talked on the blog before about what it takes to convert your garage into a home office. Read more about that here. Tackling a home gym, however, is a whole other animal! Learn how to build a garage home gym below!

Turning Your Garage into a Home Gym

Most of us can’t wait to get out of our garages once we’ve parked our cars. Garages are often cold, dark, cluttered spaces. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! What if you could envision something totally different for your garage? What if you could convert your garage into the at-home gym of your dreams? 

Make Your Space Comfortable and Attractive: After you’ve cleared out your junk and maximized your space (read all about that below!), you’ll want to think about creating a space you actually want to spend time in. A good set of speakers, a cushy rubber floor mat, and a large mirror can go a long way to making your gym feel legitimate. 

Focus on Machines and Equipment You’ll Use: If you go through the work of creating the perfect home gym, you want to make sure you’ll actually use it! Carefully select equipment that aligns with your workout style and exercise goals. A squat rack with a barbell, bench, and a few weight plates is a great starting point! 

Weather-Proof: Weather proofing is an important consideration as most garages are not temperature controlled. You might need to explore cooling units, dehumidifiers, or find a way to insulate your garage. If you live in an area with a relatively moderate climate, regulating the temperature in your garage will be easier.

Benefits of Choosing Good Garage

One of the most important steps to any garage conversion is controlling the clutter. Here’s where we come in! Overhead garage shelving is the best way to add some much-needed storage for your garage-turned-home gym. Are you ready to take the plunge and free up a ton of wasted space? 

What are a few perks of choosing Good Garage to professionally install your overhead racks? 

VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Our hardwearing racks are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. Crafted with heavy-duty, industrial grade, 13-gauge steel, and powder-coated for a sleek, timeless finish, you won’t find a longer lasting garage storage system in the industry. 

CUSTOM LAYOUTS: Our racks look great, connect to each other, and we offer a variety of configurations to fit the unique aspects of your particular garage. We work with every budget and every layout. 

LIFETIME WARRANTY & MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Our overhead racks come with a full lifetime warranty, meaning that you can install them worry-free. If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, we also offer a 30-day money-back and uninstall guarantee. Go with Good Garage for risk-free, single day installation.  

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