Part III - How to Make Your Garage Safe for Kids and Pets 🧯

How to Properly Dispose of Common Household Hazardous Chemicals

You might not realize that many of the products you use in daily life are potentially toxic, harmful, and even fatal if ingested. Unfortunately, kids and pets are often the ones that stumble upon these harmful products if they’re left in easily accessible locations. A vital part of garage safety is sealing these materials tightly and keeping them stored up and out of reach of little hands and paws. 

In a previous blog post, we talked all about how our hanging garage shelving provides the perfect way to safely and securely store common household products that might pose a hazard to pets and children. Read more about that here!

Safely Dispose of Hazardous Products

Let’s say you’ve been safely storing these hazardous materials. Now you’ve used them up and are ready to get rid of the empty containers. Perhaps you recently purchased a house and inherited a garage full of weed killer, half used paint cans, and expired cleaning products. Now it’s time to learn how to properly dispose of harmful chemicals and materials and their containers.

Paint Cans: Paint cans can be thrown away in your city’s trash system once they are completely dry. Use a rubber mallet to ensure that paint cans are tightly sealed if you’re planning to store them in your garage.

Lawn Chemicals: Never pour excess chemicals down the drain. Chemical waste cannot be disposed of in regular trash or in the sewer system. Most chemical waste must be disposed of through the EHS Hazardous Waste Program. Visit this website to find the closest disposal site near you: https://earth911.com

Schedule a Pick-Up: If you’d rather not have to take your empty containers to a waste disposal site, you can schedule a pickup to come directly to your home. Click here to see prices for a hazardous waste pickup in your city. 

Garage Safety 101

If your garage is full of junk, chances are you have hazardous chemicals lying around. You might not even be aware of things in your garage that could potentially be harmful to health. Unfortunately, children and pets are at particularly greater risk. 

In this installment of our blog series on garage safety, we talked about how to properly dispose of harmful chemicals and materials once you’ve used them up. Stay tuned for our next installment in the series where we’ll talk about how to safely store cherished items in your garage for decades.

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