Maximize Storage Space In Your Home & Garage

Free up floor space with overhead storage

Are you an avid snowboarder with way too much gear and absolutely no space to put it all? Is your spouse hounding you to get all of your golf paraphernalia out of the hall closet and into the garage? Or maybe you need the perfect spot to stack the twelve bins of 2T and 3T clothes and shoes you’ve been saving for your youngest child? Maybe you’re a contractor with every tool imaginable who wonders how to maximize storage space to store it all between jobs.

There is no better option to maximize storage space than ceiling mounted storage racks for all of your garage storage needs! Creating high-quality overhead storage in your garage clears up the space for you to design the storage space you’ve been hoping for. Rather than letting the items you’re storing crowd your garage floor, get them up on the ceiling where they’ll be out of your way when you don’t need them, but easily accessible when you do.

Perks of choosing good garage

So, you’re convinced that overhead shelving in your garage is the best way to add some much-needed storage. Are you ready to take the plunge and free up a ton of wasted space?

Good Garage is the top installer of overhead garage storage racks in California and Nevada. What are some of the perks of choosing Good Garage to professionally install your overhead racks?


Our efficient and professional installers arrive at every consultation with the tools and supplies needed to install your racks. Even better, we guarantee a single-day installation which puts you towards your space saving goals even quicker!


Our overhead racks come with a full lifetime warranty, meaning that you can install them worry-free. If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, we also offer a 30 day money-back and uninstall guarantee. Go with Good Garage for risk-free installation. 


We exclusively use HALO racks, the premium garage storage rack in the industry. HALO racks are known for their anti-shake decks and 14-gauge steel construction. The decks are bolted directly to the frames which makes our product the most durable and stable rack on the market.


Our experts are known for the care, professionalism, work ethic and efficiency. They are prepared to answer any questions you might have and to work with you to create the best layout to maximize your storage space. Make the most of your high-quality storage racks with a safe and top-notch installation.


Our racks look great, connect to each other, and we offer a variety of configurations to fit the unique aspects of your particular garage. We work with every budget and every layout.

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If you’ve been craving more organization in your life, you’ll love browsing our gallery or taking a look at our Yelp page to read raving reviews from customers just like you! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you’re wondering things like, “Does everything need to be removed from my garage before the overhead racks can be installed?” (short answer: Nope!) or “Is my garage ceiling able to hold the weight of a ceiling mounted garage storage rack?” (short answer: Yep!) or “My garage is a strange shape. Will your overhead storage racks still work for me?” (fortunately for you, that’s a “Yes” again!). We’re 100% confident in our racks and installation services and have a growing list of happy clients. We offer free quotes and consultations and look forward to hearing from you!