Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about Steel Gauge

... and Why it Matters!

What Does “Steel Gauge” Mean?

“The Gauge Measuring unit” refers to a unit of measurement that describes the thickness of metal. This unit was created in the 1800s by craftspeople in the United Kingdom. The term was coined by workers who were using metal wire. 

Just like any measuring system, it was created to have a worldwide standard for measuring the thickness of metal and wire. At the time the term was adopted, there was no universal unit of thickness for metal. So, rather than being calculated in inches or millimeters, steel is measured by “gauge.”

Reading a Steel Gauge Chart

To put it simply, the general rule for reading a steel gauge chart is that as the number increases, the thickness decreases. This means that the steel with the lower gauge number will be thicker, tougher, and more robust. 

For example, let’s take a look at 16 gauge steel compared to 14 gauge steel. Simply looking at the gauge numbers, these pieces of steel are only 2 units away from one another. This might not seem like much! When the gauge measurement is converted to a familiar unit of measurement, however, the stark contrast between 14 gauge and 16 gauge steel becomes apparent. 

Steel Gauge Thickness in Inches

A 14 gauge thickness measurement is comparable to about .0781 inches of thickness. On the other hand, a 16 gauge thickness measurement is equivalent to .0625 inches of thickness. Again, this might not actually seem like much of a difference to the untrained eye. When it comes to the durability, stability, and longevity of the steel product, however, the 14 gauge steel will be much more reliable than the 16 gauge.

What Gauge Of Steel Does Good Garage Use?

This brings us to our grand question: why does steel gauge matter when it comes to garage storage hanging shelves?! Good Garage only uses 13 gauge steel to manufacture our line of premier garage storage shelves (that’s about 0.089 inches thick, by the way). 

Our racks are virtually indestructible and designed and crafted to last for the long haul. Our steel decking is the thickest in the industry and we offer a lifetime guarantee on our storage racks and installation services. Are you looking to boost the functionality of your garage? Overhead steel garage storage shelving is the way to do it!

Indestructible 13 Gauge Steel Garage Storage Racks

Good Garage offers suspended garage storage racks and installation services across California & Washington, and Nevada. 

Custom Crafted Ceiling Garage Shelving

Here at Good Garage, we hold pricing transparency in high esteem. Your free quote always includes the price of both your overhead storage racks and the installation service. You never have to worry about being caught off guard by additional costs. 

Whether your garage is a standard attached garage, a detached garage, or an extended auto-repair shop, you can be sure that our overhead steel garage storage shelving can be adjusted to fit your particular property and specifications. We specialize in designing one-of-a-kind storage systems for each client we work with.

Preparing for Your Overhead Rack Installation