4 Garage Upgrades for Under $99 💵

Upgrading your garage on a budget? We’ve got you covered!

Most of us can’t wait to get out of our garages once we’ve parked our cars. Garages are often cold, dark, cluttered spaces. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way! What if you could envision something totally different for your garage? What if you could upgrade your garage on a shoe-string budget?

4 Garage Upgrades for Under $99

Garage Security Upgrade: There’s nothing more deflating than adding a cool new feature to your garage and then having a break-in soon after! There are some efficient and inexpensive options to improve the security of your garage. Add a sliding lock to your overhead garage door and simple locks to any windows. Ring makes a great outdoor security camera complete with floodlights. These cameras are easy to install and can be controlled remotely. 

Lighting Upgrade: When it comes to working comfortably in your garage, improving the lighting will go a long way! Many of us are still stumbling through our garages lit only by buzzing fluorescent bulbs. It’s time to upgrade to LED shop lights. They provide brighter, cleaner, and more efficient lighting. Many of today’s units even provide features like extra power outlets.

Flooring Upgrade: If your garage floor is still a cold, gray, fading slab of concrete, it’s definitely time for an upgrade! Not only do garage floor tiles or mats improve the look and feel of your garage, they can provide important anti-skid factors and improved grip. Check out this simple garage floor mat from Armor All for a budget option. 

Garage Cleaning Upgrades: Now that you’ve secured your garage, added better lighting, and made the floor safer and more comfortable, it’s time to think about how to keep your upgraded garage space clean. A wall-mounted wet/dry vacuum is a genius space-saving idea that keeps your cleaning tool conveniently within reach. 

Last up: upgrade your garage storage with Good Garage’s highly rated, virtually indestructible hanging overhead racks!

Garage Storage Upgrades on a Budget

If you do find yourself with a slightly bigger budget, ceiling mounted storage racks from Good Garage are the most affordable and durable garage upgrade you could make. Think you’ve maxed out all the storage space in your garage? Think again! Overhead garage storage racks can double or even triple the usable storage space in your garage. No matter how much stuff you have or what size it is, we can provide garage rack installation services that will be customized to your exact needs.

Maximize space, organize your stored items, and clear out your clutter. Our versatile adaptable, sturdy garage storage racks allow you to do it all. Let our talented design team and professional installers help you transform your garage in no time.

Good Garage Storage Systems: Versatile, Durable, Economical

What are a few perks of choosing Good Garage to professionally install your overhead racks? 

VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Our hardwearing racks are designed and manufactured to last a lifetime. Crafted with heavy-duty, industrial grade, 13-gauge steel, and powder-coated for a sleek, timeless finish, you won’t find a longer lasting garage storage system in the industry. 

TAILOR-MADE LAYOUTS: Our highly versatile racks tick the boxes for aesthetics, safety, functionality, and are incredibly durable to boot! We offer a variety of rack sizes and configurations to fit the unique aspects of your particular garage. 

LIFETIME WARRANTY & MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Our overhead racks come with a full lifetime warranty, meaning that you can install them worry-free. If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, we also offer a 30 day money-back and uninstall guarantee. Go with Good Garage for risk-free, single day installation.