How to Turn Your Garage into a Houseplant Nursery

Transform Your Garage into a Haven for Houseplants

While houseplants and indoor greenery have been enjoyed throughout the decades, they’ve seen a particular resurgence in recent years. Most people wouldn’t think of their garage as an ideal place to cultivate and transplant indoor greenery, however the conditions of most garages are actually perfect for working on potted plants that thrive in low light. What are the conditions needed to turn your garage into the perfect houseplant nursery?

Hanging garage storage racks

Turn Your Garage into a Multipurpose Space!

As is the case for any garage transformation, your first step is clearing the clutter! If your garage is disorganized or filled to the brim with items you’re storing, it will be impossible to use it for anything else. The best way to turn your garage into a multipurpose space is by getting your stored items into a convenient, organized, and aesthetically pleasing garage storage system. I bet you guessed it: here’s where Good Garage comes in!

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Houseplants That Thrive in Garages

While you might not want to spend a ton of time in a low-lit, slightly humid garage, many indoor plants thrive in these conditions! To set up your garage houseplant nursery, you’ll definitely want a durable work bench. Having a few shelves out of reach of kids and pets would be ideal. You can store extra pots, some bags of potting soil, fertilizer (if you want to use it) and a few tools on these shelves. Lastly, it’s important to know which plants will flourish in your garage and home.

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