SPOOK CITY: Turn Your Garage into the Creepiest Haunted House👻

Create an Epic Haunted House Experience in Your Garage

With Halloween just around the corner, you and your kids might be thinking about costumes, decorations, and the best trick-or-treating routes. One fun option for Halloween is creating an epic haunted house in your garage. Scroll down for our top tips and ideas to scare and delight kids and adults alike this Halloween!

hanging garage storage shelving

First Step: Clear out the Clutter

Has your garage seen better days? If you haven’t taken the steps to make the garage upgrades we’ve talked about on the blog, you’ll need to at least get the chaos in your garage to a manageable place. To be able to use all the available space in your garage for your makeshift haunted house, you will definitely need to clear out any clutter. 

First step: remove your cars! Next step: sort through and organize your stuff. If you find that your garage is jam packed and full of stored items, preparing for your haunted house might be the perfect time to add some storage to your garage. 

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Creepiest Haunted House Ideas for Your Garage

Decorate Outside: Start by decorating the outside of your garage. This will set the tone for all the creepy crawlies and scariness awaiting your guests in your haunted house! Directly outside the garage is a great spot to set up tables, chairs, your candy dish, and some string lights. 

Darken the Walls: Everything is scarier in the dark! Use black tarps, dark plastic drop cloths, or dark-colored sheets to cover the walls and any storage units to create the perfect backdrop for your haunted house. 

Hanging Terror: Hang creepy creatures from the ceiling of your garage. These creatures could be anything from flying witches to translucent ghosts to scary monsters. Your newly installed ceiling garage storage racks would be the perfect structure to hang things from! 

Separate Spaces: Since garages are usually big rectangles or squares, you’ll need to use room separators, curtains, or plywood to create the illusion of things hiding right around the corner. 

Get Some Help!: Enlist the help of some friends and family to hide in the dark corners you created and scare your guests. Ask them to dress up as their favorite horror movie character or as one of the standard freaky characters we see around Halloween. Make sure you know your audience! If most of your guests will be little trick-or-treaters, don’t make things so scary that it won’t be enjoyable for them.

Set the Mood: Adding a fog machine will go a long way towards setting that creepy vibe. Make sure to turn the fog machine on at least an hour before your guests arrive so that your garage will be filled with fog. 

Creepy Lighting: Minimal lighting is a must! Use black lights and strobe lights to create a creepy glow. Turning off the rest of the lights will create lots of dark, scary, shadowy spots. Battery operated candles can also help set the stage for a haunted garage.

Stay tuned for Haunted Garage Part 2, where we go into some next level ideas for the hardcore Halloween DIYers out there!