The Only Garage Organization Hack You'll Ever Need

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With an expert customer support team, a high-quality and adaptable product line, and a reasonable, transparent pricing system, our garage storage racks and installation services are in high demand throughout California. We have a trusted, local presence in the following Orange County cities, among many others throughout Southern California! 

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Our local, California-based team of professionals offer you a premier garage rack installation experience. As the nation’s foremost garage rack installation company, we provide you with products unparalleled in their quality. The longevity of our garage storage systems speak for themselves. Every installation is backed by a lifetime guarantee! You can count on our reliable team to maximize the functionality of your garage by designing a unique storage rack layout, ideally crafted for your space and needs. Our professional and courteous team of expert installers are committed to perfect hanging garage rack installations, 100% of the time.

Genius Garage Organization Hack

Some of our most precious items and keepsakes are things that we hardly ever use. No one should have to relinquish the things that their children wore when they were infants or items that remind them of their own childhoods. Our garages are more than just a place to store vehicles, they are often where we keep some of our most treasured items. We all know, however, that garages only have so much room and square footage for in-home storage space is a hot commodity in Southern California. 

For anyone who has ever moved homes, we all know that garages can be crammed full of junk as well as treasured possessions. A garage can be a storage unit for everything from an heirloom grand piano to spare paint cans to holiday decorations to well-loved furniture that no one can bear to part with. 

Get ahead of the game and take the time to sift through your garage’s contents before you’re in the middle of a move and in crunch time. Take a look at our garage organization hacks that just might make you want to reorganize everything!

The Only Garage Organization Idea You’ll Ever Need: Add a Level

We might be biased but in our decade of experience and after 30,000+ installations, we can say with complete confidence that suspended drop-down shelving from the ceiling of the garage is the #1 garage organization hack out there. 

Adding a level is a smart use of wasted space while keeping stored items off the ground and safe. Plus, you give your garage a sleek, clean look with minimal clutter. Suspended racks are perfect for infrequently used items like camping gear, holiday decorations, travel items, and nostalgic mementos. With the addition of motorized suspended racks, getting to your items that are stored overhead has never been easier. Read more about our premium product line of motorized garage storage racks here! A motorized garage storage lift system gives effortless access to your overhead storage. Simply access your items with the touch of a button.

Bonus Hack: Bicycle Storage

Are you tired of cramming bike after bike in your garage? We’ve all found ourselves leaning one bike on top of another, playing bicycle Jenga every time we want to free a bike from the pile. Try this instead: with the addition of a few sturdy hooks attached to your suspended shelves, bikes can be safely, securely, and conveniently hung from your ceiling-mounted racks. Check out some examples of what other clients have done here.