Turn Your Garage into a Stylish & Functional Home Office

Garage Conversions

With so many of us working remotely these days, it’s no surprise that many people are looking for a place in their homes to turn into a functional office space. You might not have considered your garage as a potential office space, but there are some amazing and well designed home office garage conversions out there! 

What are some of the things you need to consider in the process of turning your garage into a functional home office? One important consideration is where you’re going to store your stuff. Here’s where we come in!

Industry Leading Garage Ceiling Rack Installer

Good Garage is an industry leading supplier and installer of ceiling garage storage racks. We’re locally owned and operated and provide professional and precise garage system installation services in California, Washington, and Nevada.

There is no better option than ceiling mounted storage racks for all of your garage storage needs! Creating high-quality overhead storage in your garage clears up the space for you to design the home office you’ve been hoping for. Rather than letting the items you’re storing crowd your garage floor, get them up on the ceiling where they’ll be easily accessible when you need them.

Garage Home Office Remodel

Convert Your Whole Garage or Just Part of It?

While some might try to convert their entire garage into a useful and aesthetically pleasing office space, another option is to take only half of the garage. The remaining half would still be available for parking a car. Of course, this would only work with a two car or substantially large garage. 

One benefit of a garage remodel is that if you find in the future you no longer need a functional home office, you can always turn your garage into an entertainment space or home gym. You’ve already done the hard work of making it a livable space! 

Perks of Choosing Good Garage

So, you’re convinced that overhead shelving in your garage is the best way to add some much-needed storage for your modern garage-turned-home office? Are you ready to take the plunge and free up a ton of wasted space? 

What are a couple perks of choosing Good Garage to professionally install your overhead racks? 

CUSTOM LAYOUTS: Our racks look great, connect to each other, and we offer a variety of configurations to fit the unique aspects of your particular garage. We work with every budget and every layout. 

LIFETIME WARRANTY & MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Our overhead racks come with a full lifetime warranty, meaning that you can install them worry-free. If you’re not completely satisfied with our product, we also offer a 30 day money-back and uninstall guarantee. Go with Good Garage for risk-free, single day installation.