SPOOK CITY PT II: Transform Your Garage into a Ghoulish Haunted House 👻

Halloween Just Around the Corner...

With the school year in full swing and chilly fall weather rolling in, you and your kids might be thinking about Halloween: costumes, decorations, and the best trick-or-treating routes. One fun option for Halloween is creating an epic haunted house in your garage.

hanging garage racks

Have You Upgraded Your Garage with These Affordable Ideas?!

Last month we talked about some simple, inexpensive garage updates that can go a long way to making your garage more comfortable and efficient. We talked about upgrading your garage’s security with locks and an outdoor camera, upgrading from fluorescent lights to LED shop lights, taking your flooring from cold concrete to an anti-skid garage floor mat, installing a wall-mounted wet/dry vacuum for convenient and quick clean-up, and last, but certainly not least, upgrading your garage storage with a tailor-made ceiling-mounted system from Good Garage. 

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There’s More than One Way to Use Your Garage

Now that you’ve transformed your garage into a safe, comfortable, and organized space, you might be thinking about other ways to use it. With Halloween right around the corner, why not move your cars out and turn your garage into the creepiest haunted house on the block?! Give the neighborhood kids the thrill of the season with a garage-turned-haunted house that they’ll be talking about until next Halloween! 

On our latest blog post we explored how to create a haunted house in your garage by darkening the walls, hanging creepy creatures (from the ceiling or from your garage storage racks!), and adding low lighting and a fog machine. Scroll down for some more ghoulish ideas to transform your garage into a haunted house!

Garage Turned Haunted House

If you’re already prepared to implement the garage turned haunted house ideas from our last blog post, but you find yourself itching for just a little bit more, we’ve got you covered! Here are four more scary elements you can add to your haunted garage experience. 

Music: Music streaming platforms are filled with scary playlists that you can access with a subscription you already have.

Secondhand Decorations: Check out a local thrift store for inexpensive, unique decorations that will stand out from the ones the rest of your neighbors are picking up at the big box stores. Some examples could be vintage candlestick stands, black lace tablecloths, and skull figurines. 

Pick a Theme: Select a simple but effective theme for your event. This will make your haunted house stand out and keep people coming back next Halloween to see what you come up with next! Some examples could be “Monster Mash” or an alien abduction. 

Consider Kid-Friendly Time Slots: You definitely want to make sure any kids who enter your haunted garage are ready for whatever lies ahead of them. If you have neighborhood kids or kids among your friends and family, consider toning down the creepy factor and have a couple hours designated just for younger kids. You could turn off the fog machine, light your garage a little bit better, and remove one or two of your scarers to provide an entertaining but kid-friendly haunted house experience.