🚴‍♀️The Best Way to Store Bikes in Your Garage

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As summer heats up, most of us can’t wait to get to the weekend and get outdoors! One of the most beloved summer activities is biking. Whether you prefer dirt biking, road biking to your favorite coffee shop for an iced latte, or tandem biking on the beach with your family, cycling is a wonderful way to enjoy the sunshine and get your body moving

One issue avid bikers often run into is where and how to store their bikes. Storage space can be very limited in urban areas and bikes can take up valuable square footage. Storing bikes outside is not ideal! Many of us have been the unfortunate victims of bike theft and would never want to store bikes outside. Additionally, bikes are prone to get rust and tarnish when exposed to the elements. 

Having a place to securely and safely store your bike is an important part of cycling as a hobby and of being a responsible bike owner. While bikes can be stored inside the home, garages are the ideal bike storage space. Installing wall-mounted or ceiling mounted bike hooks is a safe and efficient method to store bikes without compromising valuable floor space. Another good option (especially for renters who can’t make holes in the wall) is a horizontal bike storage rack. 

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Horizontal Bike Storage Rack

For renters who can’t make permanent installations, standing floor racks are a great option. They take up very little space and you don’t have to do much maneuvering of the bike to get it into the rack. The racks that simply lean against the wall are ideal for renters or those who don’t want to put holes in the wall. Some of the disadvantages with horizontal racks are that they take up a huge amount of wall space and are limited to carrying two bikes. Additionally, the first bike will go on easily but the second one will need to be lifted above it, which could prove to be challenging, especially for kids.

Wall-Mounted Bike Hooks

A highly recommended wall-mounted bike storage system is a vertical wall mount that can be folded up when not in use. It can store one bike and only makes contact with the front wheel to reduce the likelihood of damage to carbon frames or fancy wheels. It has a conveniently low profile when not in use and users report that it’s very easy to get bikes in and out. This type of storage system can be installed in a home’s entryway or in the garage. 

Ceiling-Mounted Bike Hooks

Ceiling mounted hooks are fixed to the ceiling. They are a safe way to hang your bike by the wheels. Bikes can either hang vertically on one hook or horizontally on two hooks. Hanging racks are a space-saving storage option where you can secure the rack to the ceiling. It allows you to free up your floor area and utilize the wasted ceiling space. They are cheap and easy to install and can get your bike up off the floor and out of everyone’s way.

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If you do find yourself with a slightly bigger budget and are ready for a garage upgrade beyond just improving your bike storage, hanging shelves from Good Garage are the most affordable and durable garage storage option. 

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