How to Throw the Classiest Garage Party You've Ever Seen!

Get Your Garage in Tip-Top Shape

We know what you’re thinking: can the words “classy” and “garage party” exist in the same sentence? We’re here to tell you they can! With some thoughtful organization, a good cleaning, and some tasteful decorations, you can turn any garage into the perfect backdrop for a classy party.

The Best Garage Storage System on the Market

If you’re going to get your garage ready for a rad party, your first step is managing the chaos and dealing with the mess! For most of us, our garages aren’t a place we want to spend a lot of time in. How do you transform your garage from cluttered to clean? 

The best way to cut the clutter and store your items in a secure and attractive way is by utilizing overhead garage shelving from Good Garage!  Good Garage is a local, family-owned business that specializes in overhead garage storage rack installation. No matter how many items you need to store, we provide the ceiling-mounted storage shelving and installation services customized to fit your exact needs and budget.

Getting Your Garage Ready for a Classy Party

Now that you’ve figured out how to get your stored items organized and up and off the floor, it’s time to think about deep cleaning! While it can feel overwhelming to contemplate scrubbing off years of dirt and grime off your garage walls and floor, the end result will be so satisfying! If you truly don’t have the time, you can always consider hiring a cleaning service. 

You’ve now got your blank slate: a spotless garage with your stored items conveniently and safely tucked away in ceiling-mounted racks. It’s time to think about how you’re going to add some flair to the party in your garage!

Garage Party Themes

  • Speak-Easy Vibe: Harkening back to the Prohibition era, a speak-easy party should have a mysterious and intimate vibe. Use standing tables to create conversation corners around your garage. Set up a bar with a mirrored background and enlist a knowledgeable friend to sling craft drinks. 
  • New Year’s Eve Sparkle Party: A sparkle party is exactly as it sounds. Cram as much sparkle into your garage as possible. Just don’t forget to keep it classy! Try draping shimmery fabric to create a photo booth background, and request that guests bedazzle with sequined outfits. 
  • Black and White: While the name is fairly self-explanatory, a lot can go into making a black and white party an event to remember! Keep the lighting low by only using white twinkle lights. Create a custom black and white cocktail for the party in your garage using dark rum, heavy cream, and coconut cream.  

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Looking for garage organization ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Our wide range of products come with a lifetime guarantee and are built to last for the long-haul. You might not realize it, but your garage ceiling holds a wealth of untapped storage potential. Our racks are attractive, incredibly durable, and connect to one another to provide a vast array of customizable options. Maximize every square inch of storage space in your garage with overhead storage shelves from Good Garage! 

Good Garage: Your Garage Storage Supply Headquarters

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