Motorized Garage Storage Lifts are a Game Changer!

Motorized Garage Storage Lifts

Good Garage is an industry leading, family owned and operated garage shelving installation company. We’ve installed over 30,000 exceptional garage storage systems in California and Washington. 

Installing garage ceiling shelving opens up a whole new world of storage possibilities. You can turn the wasted square footage of your garage ceiling into a spacious storage area. Adding motorized lifts to your overhead racks provides even greater convenience and ease to your storage experience. 

Motorized Ceiling Shelves: The BEST Garage Organization Idea

Ready to take the leap to transform your garage with overhead shelving, but concerned about how you’re going to get your bins up and down? Our first-rate line of motorized garage storage lifts are a game changer! With wireless remote control operation and a four point lift system to ensure platform stability, our motorized platform lifts are the cream of the crop. You can lift and lower your racks with the simple touch of a button.

Super Duty Webbing on Motorized Garage Storage Lifts

Our motorized garage platform lifts boast industrial strength netting on all four sides. While other companies use cheap plastic webbing to hold stored items in place, we only use high-quality, real, woven netting. Each corner is bolstered by posts which can handle a force of 1,500 pound without breaking! 

You have our guarantee that no matter how many times your storage platform ascends and descends, your bins will never shift or fall. The seatbelt webbing used to raise and lower the platform ensures even spooling. This keeps the platform level and avoids sudden, unsafe jumps while the rack is moving. Go with Good Garage for motorized ceiling mounted garage storage that is safe, unshakable, and long-lasting.

Remote Controlled Garage Ceiling Shelves​

Good Garage stocks motorized and remote controlled garage rack storage lifts. With the press of a button, motorized garage platform lifts allow you to elevate and lower your garage storage. When your garage ceiling shelving is in the lowered position, you can easily add or remove stored items. When you’re ready to place the storage platform back in its overhead position, you simply use your remote to raise it. Your belongings will be stored safely and securely out of the way. The professional grade netting on our lifts ensures that your items are held firmly on the platform at all times. 

BEST Garage Ceiling Storage Lifts

Our motorized lifts have been reliably and securely installed for over a decade. Additionally, our products went through four years of countless engineering revisions before they were even launched. You can rest easy knowing that you’re receiving an incredibly durable product with consistent results. 

With a resilient motor that draws only 9 amps from your household power, a 400-pound weight capacity, and a wall-mounted control station protected by a keyed lockout system, our motorized garage platform lifts are premier in the industry.

Good Garage: Where Exceptional Meets Affordable

Good Garage is where exceptional meets affordable. We provide you with the best garage ceiling shelving on the market, precise and time-honored installation techniques, and a customer service team that goes above and beyond. 

With a flat fee structure and competitive pricing, you’ll get a better value for your dollar than you’d find with any other garage storage installation company out there. Our high-quality, resilient racks are durable, hardwearing, and unparalleled in their safety standards.

Garage Shelving Installation Process

When you call us for the first time, our courteous customer support team will jot down a few details about your garage. We’ll then write up a quote for you and schedule a free in-home consultation. Our expert installers will take a look at your garage, recommending a custom crafted storage rack configuration that fits your garage’s specification, your budget, and your storage requirements. 

We’re proud to offer single-day installation! When our professional installers come to your home for a consultation, they also bring all the top-notch equipment needed to secure your motorized garage storage ceiling lifts. If you’re happy with the layout they design, they can use the best installation strategies in the business to get your storage racks up immediately. With us, you can count on a smooth, convenient installation process and unparalleled bang for the buck!