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We Outmatch Other Garage Storage Installation Companies

Good Garage is a family-run and operated business. With our guaranteed craftsmanship and professional installations, our overhead garage storage racks in California and Washington are the best in the business. We have installed over 30,000 safe and reliable garage storage racks. Our 4×8 storage racks hold up to 1000 pounds and up to 20 storage bins, leaving you to enjoy your garage again and let the cars back in by taking advantage of your space more effectively.

Our car garage storage racks are fully customizable to fit your personal space, needs, and budget, and they come with a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with our overhead garage storage racks, we offer a full refund and uninstall after 30 days. We have professional installers that have been installing overhead storage racks for three years now, and they do same-day installation, so you don’t need to worry about any return visits or long installation processes. What are you waiting for? Design your garage interior with reliable garage storage racks from Good Garage today!

Features & benefits

Lifetime warranty

We install only the best! All the products we stock are backed by an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

Fully Customizable

Our racks can be customized and adjusted to fit your space, needs, and budget, allowing you to pick a layout that best suits your needs.

Satisfaction Guarentee

We stand by our product. If you’re not happy after 30 days we’ll uninstall and give you a full refund.

1000 lb Capacity

We install only the best! All the products we stock are backed by an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

Professional Installers

Since 2014 our team has installed over 30,000 racks! Let us create the best overhead storage system to fit your needs.

Same Day Installation

We show up to every consultation with all the materials needed for any installation. That means no return visits.

We are a team ready to serve you with a product that is guaranteed for a lifetime!

The highest standards.
The happiest customers

Garage rack installation experts beyond compare

The expertise of garage storage installers is as important as the quality of ceiling racks, and we guarantee both! Our Good Garage team consists of the leading industry professionals who have expert skills and vast experience in garage storage rack installation. Not only will we set up your system perfectly, but we’ll also help you decide on the right rack size, layout and design. What’s more, we’ll stop at nothing to give you above-par customer experience like no other. Check out the pricing on our ceiling racks for garage storage or contact us today to start your complete garage transformation!
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Does everything need to be removed from my garage?
No! We need to be able to get a ladder underneath where your racks will be installed. If the rack is going against a wall you can leave one row of items stacked against the wall. If you’ll have trouble making enough space for us to install your garage ceiling storage shelves in San Diego, Southern Riverside County and neighboring areas, let us know and we can provide you with help at a reasonable rate!
I have a funky garage! Will ceiling storage racks work for me?
If you’ve got a ceiling, we can put a rack on it! Our trained installers can install an overhead storage rack just about anywhere and, because of the advanced products we use, our racks can be installed where other racks simply can’t go!
Is my garage ceiling able to hold the weight?
Yes! Your garage ceiling is engineered to carry a significant load and unlike other overhead storage shelves, ours can attach to your walls wherever possible, transferring most of the load directly to your foundation! What’s more, our racks are highly sturdy and durable, which makes them perfectly safe for ceiling installation.